Each order also includes a custom postcard and are individually gift wrapped.

Tin Sampler - $11
Two 2.4 fl. oz tins with your favorite scents. Select from our bath salt or body scrub selections.

Bath Salt Test Tube - $18
One 8 oz. glass test tube with your favorite bath salt. 

Seasonal Sampler - $25
This value package gives you a hand selected variety of all three of our body scrubs PLUS a bath salt test tube of your choosing. 

Glass Mason Jar - $25*
One 7 fl. oz glass jar with your favorite scents. Select from our bath salt or body scrub selections. 
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Lēʻahi Love was founded in 2015 in Honolulu, with the intention to utilize local ingredients and support Hawaiian local farmers beyond just the dinner table. Our mission to be sustainable, with a selection of high, quality ingredients comes from our sincere love for the ʻĀina (land), for ourselves as individuals, and the generations to come. 

Inspired by one of Hawaii's most historic landmark, native Hawaiians named this volcanic cone Lēʻahi, which is also known as Diamond Head. The English name Diamond Head was given by 19th century sailors, who mistook the glistening salt on the beaches at the base of the mountain for diamonds. It is with this inspiration that we value our precious hand-picked salt and blend the health benefits of ancient Hawaiian Medicine (La‘au Lapa‘au) with modern day education. 

Our team is comprised of a group of women who pride themselves in their conscious health choices and their dedication for a sustainable future for the Hawaiian islands. 

Our health benefits vary because of the use of mineral salts, high grade essential oils and fresh plants. Whether you are struggling with inflammation, sore muscles, need to soothe sun damaged skin, or would like to reduce cellulite visibility, each of our products can act as an aid. 

Curious what would work best for you? Feel free to contact us for a consultation.